YEAR 3 :: My last year of travel

“The journey is my home.”
– Muriel Rukeyser

February 26th 2020 I had officially been travelling for three years straight. My “Round the World Adventure” was drawing to a close and even though I was incredibly happy (and a little proud) that I managed my stated goal of travelling full time for three years, the nostalgia was setting in… I don’t like it when things are drawing to a close, I don’t like it when things end…

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New Zealand :: Wellington

“There’s a real purity in New Zealand… It’s actually not an easy thing to find in our world anymore.” – Elijah Wood

Ah, Wellington… When first I saw you in 2010 I thought you were boring, just another city and nothing in comparison to the beautiful scenery Andreas and I had witnessed driving down all the way from Auckland… In fairness, I was driving as we arrived and got a bit stressed by the sudden increase in traffic, lanes and general “busyness”. Continue reading

New Zealand again! <3 Also: U2-concert

“I gotta say, God really outdid himself down here.” – Bob Harper

New Zealand. My favourite country to visit. I thought for a bright second that I would save my budget and skip New Zealand so I could spend the money on a country I hadn’t already visited… Twice. But then I came to my senses. Like I’m -ever- going to skip New Zealand, especially when I’m already in those parts of the world. What a facepalm thought.

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The Tongariro Alpine Crossing for dummies

“Best one day walk in New Zealand”
– Lonely Planet

I’m already struggling with this post because it hasn’t hit me with full force yet. I actually did the Tongariro Alpine Crossing. 19,4 km and I can’t even remember the climb rate on the track (but the steepest climb was actually the most fun and brought the most reward). Oh, wait, found it in the brochure. Highest point is Red Crater, 1900m, woop! Continue reading

Maori evening in Rotorua

A person who mistreats his guest has a dusty Marae (Meeting house)

Not only is Rotorua bigger than I remember, but the smell of sulfur is more prominent this time. I arrived at good, old Funky Green Voyager, checked in and got a top bunk in one of the dorms. I hadn’t even time to dump my luggage before Gerard came in and planted a huge smacker on me. Then he chastised me severly because of my sunburn before we spent the next 40 minutes chatting about everything and nothing while he fixed one of the bunkbeds. A great welcome to Rotorua after four years. Continue reading