New Zealand :: Queenstown, St. Peter’s Anglican Church

“Whenever I get stressed I just want to hop on a plane to Queenstown”
– John Travolta

And just like that I was back in my favourite place in New Zealand: Queenstown. The extreme sports mecca of the world. The place that is just small enough to be incredibly cosy, but just busy enough to satisfy my need for human observation and interaction.

I didn’t really have anything planned this time around. No bungy, no parasailing, no special hikes… I wanted to have a tattoo done that I had thought about for years and I thought it would be so cool to have it done in the same place I had my very first tattoo done: Otautahi, Queenstown, but I hadn’t decided completely yet… So the first couple of days I just wandered around to see if all the little shops I remembered where still there and to see if Fergburger was still as good as before (it was, but then, so was Devil Burger! And no, I didn’t try them all on the same day). My first day I also got a cinema ticket for the new Charlie’s Angels movie, a choice I wouldn’t regret. Ended up seeing it three times during my days here.

Best part this first few days: Found the same t-shirt Andreas bought when we were here in 2010, that he had worn out by now. Bought a new one and shipped it to him. Stuff like that makes me feel good. Forcing my friends to come join me in my stifling and obsessive nostalgia trips ahhhh! ❤

T-shirt for Andreas



St. Peter’s Anglican Church

I did however pop by the little church I had seen so many times, but never bothered going into. Maybe it’s because I wanted to see something new and maybe it was because my aunt, Merete, had just passed away, but I went inside this little church and was all alone there for a few minutes. It was small, nothing astounding or splendid about it, but it had that air of calm churches often have, even for those of us that are not religious.

I lit a candle for my aunt and sat in silence for a while, just enjoying the peace and quiet and admiring the mosaic windows before I snapped a few photos to remember the place and the time…

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