New Zealand :: Queenstown & Tattoo #3

“New Zealand is not a small country but a large village.”
– Peter Jackson

In 2014 I had my first tattoo done in Queenstown. I like things going full circle, or maybe just being connected, whatever, so I decided that the tattoo I have been thinking of getting for years now would be a great memory of this time around in Qtown.

My dad had a specific “de-stress ritual” in the summer. He would put on his tiny, dark blue shorts, grab his knife and a huge, black trash bag and place himself on the lawn, cutting the dandelions up by the roots. He died in 1996 and I have thought of getting a tattoo to commemorate him for many years. I wanted to get something to do with a dandelion. The idea is the dandelion flower makes an S-shape for his name (Svein) and it releases seeds the way the dandelions do when you blow on them in summer. One seed for each year since he died. I will continue to add a seed every year, a bit here and there. Right now they are all on my leg except one, on my wrist. A special one for the year the tattoo was done. (I get way into meaning and symbolism, guys, but I’m gonna own it). My previous tattoo artist, Michael, had left since I was there last, so naturally I got a new one. Will as very patient with me changing the design a few times and after I said “sorry I’m being a pain” he kindly said “that’s all a part of the process, no worries.” I was exceptionally lucky this afternoon as I randomly met Keriann, another tattoo-enthusiast at the parlour.. We struck up a conversation and ended up having dinner and talking for hours. She’s the kind of person I felt like I’d known for years already, we just instantly bonded. After dinner we walked around Queenstown. I tipped her off about the fudge shop and she showed me a coffee shop I didn’t know existed. We also discovered some souvenir shops and t-shirt places neither of us had seen before. Keriann was there for a marathon (if I’m not mistaken) and vacation – I was planning on going by her in Michigan on my way home, but South America called. One day though, I’ll be seeing you again, Keriann ❤ There was also a mandatory stop at Fergburger. Ferg loves you. The rest of my time in Queenstown was spent at the hostel and cinema. I met siblings Daniella and Bryson at the hostel and we had dinner on my last night. After that Daniella and I went to see Charlie’s Angels at the cinema again. Bryson was less than impressed so he passed on the offer *lol*

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