New Zealand :: Wellington

“There’s a real purity in New Zealand… It’s actually not an easy thing to find in our world anymore.” – Elijah Wood

Ah, Wellington… When first I saw you in 2010 I thought you were boring, just another city and nothing in comparison to the beautiful scenery Andreas and I had witnessed driving down all the way from Auckland… In fairness, I was driving as we arrived and got a bit stressed by the sudden increase in traffic, lanes and general “busyness”.

To be honest, the main reason for me to go to Wellington this time was to see Ryan (who we stayed with in 2010). Because I hadn’t rented a car this time I was taking a flight to Queenstown so I didn’t have to catch the ferry anyway. I literally got a massive road trip through the night from Auckland, checked in to the hostel I could find that was closest to the bus station without sucking (Hotel Waterloo & Backpackers) and checked in. I only had two days, but I feel like I’ve seen most of what Wellington has to offer before, the museum, “Mount” Victoria, the waterfront, the zoo (though, no Wetas!) and that other huge mansion thing that I can’t for the life of me remember right now… The point is I have seen a lot and I just wanted to see Ryan (and Lee, but that turned out not to be possible unfortunately), have a burger at Mac’s and then get myself to Queenstown.

I also, by some turn of events ended up buying a bag of food for two homeless people. They wanted Burger King, I ended up getting them sandwiches and fruit. Hope they weren’t disappointed… They might have been… Burger King can be addictive apparently… Anyway, the day after I hopped on a plane for a legit scenic route to my favourite town in all of New Zealand: Queenstown ❤

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