New York: Every cop show is a documentary

Ok, so two things have become clear to me after spending time in New York. 1) Every cop show and movie I ever saw set in NYC is a documentary, and 2) I am the most brightly clothed person in the city.

Seriously, I feel like Cordelia in that episode of Buffy where she wakes up in an alternate timeline and everybody but her is wearing sombre colours because the vampires are attracted by the brighter ones… It’s ok though, except for a small percentage of the crazies, who scream conspiracy theory profanities at you regardless of what you’re wearing, it only brings polite and/or friendly attention.

(9/11 Memorial * Grand Central Station * St. Patrick’s Cathedral)

Except for a little excursion to the Brooklyn area, I’ve been spending most of my time in Manhattan. I only have 5 days and it’s not enough. I haven’t hit a single museum (sorry, MoMa!) and I haven’t been shopping. For those of you thinking “Jeez, Annie, what the f**k have you been doing?”, I can only say I’ve covered a whole bunch of stuff. And I’ve spent a bit of time taking selfies with cops. They’re all so laid-back and funny… I met a bunch of them outside the 10th precinct building right by my hostel and ended up talking to them for 20 minutes about snow, beer and Norway… The embodiment of every cool cop I’ve ever seen on TV. (Haven’t met the grumpy lieutenant yet, though…)

Also, the fire engines, cop cars and ambulances run full speed and sirens all the time… Woop Woop! πŸ˜›

Some crazies yell, others just take all their dogs for a walk... in a cage stroller...

Some crazies yell, others just take all their dogs for a walk… in a cage stroller…

New York (or rather, Manhattan) is simultaneously huge and small. I’ve taken a yellow cab, just for the experience, and I took the subway a couple of times, but mostly I just walk everwhere. My cousin told me to set aside some time to just walk around New York and I’m glad I took his advice. No better way of getting the feel of a place.

Mandatory picture of onself with a skyscraper...

Mandatory picture of onself with a skyscraper…

In addition to walking everywhere I invested in a two day ticket with Big Bus Tours. I know some people (hipsters) think you should avoid anything and everything that has been touched by, breathed on or thought of by any other tourist ever, but I actually quite like the “hop on-hop off” concept as long as the price isn’t too steep. I especially like the ones with personal commentary (ie. not the pre-recorded mechanical ones). In Dublin I completely fell in love with the green buses and their crew, it was like being at a stand-up comedy show that transported you around the city. The Big Bus Tours here in Manhattan have some of the same feel. Those guys are too funny and throw out tidbits faster than I could write them down. I gave up trying and just enjoyed the show.




What I have managed to cover on my visit is the 9/11 Memorial (see post on this), Wall Street, Brooklyn Bridge, Brooklyn, Harlem, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Fifth Avenue, UN building, Grand Central Station, Chinatown and a trip around Central Park. The bus tour included a boat trip out to see the Brooklyn Bridge, Manhattan Skyline and the Statue of Liberty so I can cross that off my list too. I hope I don’t sound horrible when I say this, it’s all I could think of on the boat trip and I thought it was funny: “Such Asian. Very selfiestick.” πŸ˜‰

Busing around Manhattan <3

Busing around Manhattan ❀

Barry's Boot Camp of "The Truth About Size Zero"-fame *lol*

Barry’s Boot Camp of “The Truth About Size Zero”-fame *lol*

Th Wall Street Bull

The Wall Street Bull

Times Square

Times Square

I found typography... <3

I found typography… ❀

"I'm on a boat..."

“I’m on a boat…” – You can see the new World Trade Center “Liberty Tower” to the far left.

Stick your tongue out for the UN - Baddabing!

Stick your tongue out for the UN – Baddabing!

Met Rita on the bus, she's from Colorado, also travelling solo :-)

Met Rita on the bus, she’s from Colorado, also travelling solo πŸ™‚

Such New York. Very fire escapes.

Such New York. Very fire escapes.

Ok, so I might have done a LITTLE shopping...

Ok, so I might have done a LITTLE shopping…

Couldn't afford this one though :(

Couldn’t afford this one though 😦

New York at night... A beautiful place :)

New York at night… A beautiful place πŸ™‚

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