USA 2015

Bakoyma USA Tour 2015

My plans escalated quickly. I went from checking the budget to booking all my tickets in a few, short weeks. The trip’s all planned now and all that’s missing are some of the hostels I’ll be staying at, they are not fully booked yet.

I’ve printed all my flights and organized them neatly in an envelope, going through the usual “Anne Karen-semi-OCD-planning-is-half-the-fun”-routines 😉

My plane tickets neatly stacked...

My plane tickets neatly stacked…

Aaaand… This will be my route for my first trip ever to the United States of America!



Yes, I know, I sorta “raped” the map… Hawaii is much further out and nowhere near as big compared to the rest of the States, but I needed to get it all in one frame, so… Anyways… I was going to go to New York and Hawaii, but then I thought, San Francisco is on the way (ish) and I have friends there, so I really need to see them when I’ve already come all that way. Then I thought “no budget for all of this” so I did the whole “get my friends to choose for me”-thing on Facebook. But THEN I decided, f*ck it… I’m doing it all. So I asked my boss for a full 5 weeks off, got it and started planning.



1. stop: NEW YORK

1. stop: NEW YORK

I’m starting out in New York, a city I have wanted to visit since forever ago. I’ll be spending five days there, and lawdh there’s so much I want to see. The usual, touristy stuff all of it, but I still want to see it. The Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, Ground Zero, Empire State Building – there are too many dots on my “New York”-map… Jogging in Central Park after midnight is not on my list though, no worries 😉
Hopefully I’ll be able to meet up with Lauren and Alex, who I met in New Zealand earlier this year.




After New York I’ll be getting on a train 😀 I’m taking a train from Penn to Union Station in DC and I’ll be spending 2 days there checking out Capitol Buildings, memorials, Arlington Cemetery etc etc… People have told me Arlington “is just a cemetery”, but I’m pretty sure it wont feel like that. I think standing in the middle of all those graves will have an impact. Also, there’s the chance to see the Marine Corps War Memorial “live”.

Arlington Cemetery and the Marine Corps War Memorial.

Arlington Cemetery and the Marine Corps War Memorial.
(Photo: Zack Frank/Shutterstock)

I tried to get a tour of the White House (silly me, I thought they actually did those…), but it turns out you need to get tickets from “your congressman or -woman”… Whatever! I’m not bitter. Bring on the selfie-time outside the fence \o/ #Obamaaaaa
Also, I hope to meet up with Amy, who I met in Seoul in 2011 🙂


3. stop: MIAMI

3. stop: MIAMI

Gator-safari in the Glades and a road trip to Key West is on my list for Miami. I’ll be meeting up with a friend here too and we have already laid plans for the southernmost point of continental USA. And the gators. In addition Eystein mentioned a plan for “all the restaurants recommended by TripAdvisor” – #BestPlanEver #ImIn #SMRT

Also, beach.




Here I come, Priscilla and Renata! Hopefully my roommate, Tiril, will be able to join us for my visit here too. The gang’s all back!

Chicas <3

Chicas ❤

In SF I will trust completely in Priscilla, she will guide me around and show me the stuffz of her citeh. I want to see Alcatraz. And maybe the Painted Ladies… And go on the tram. But that’s about it… And I’ll be there for a week 😀


5. stop: HONOLULU

5. stop: HONOLULU

Can’t you just hear the theme song?
Now, Hawaii 5-O is not the only reason I want to see Hawaii, but I saw the old series when I was a kid and I’m watching the remake now, so… Diamond Head and King Kamehameha here I come 😉 But on the more serious side, Honolulu is full of dramatic history. There’s Pearl Harbour, Battleship Missouri Memorial, USS Arizona Memorial, the list goes on… Sometimes I get a bit fed up with museums, (like when I’ve traveled around and the list of art museums is fully checked), but I think this is going to be an intense experience.

USS Bowfin Museum

USS Bowfin Museum
(photo: Betto Rodrigues/

I’ll be spending 10 days in paradise, soaking up sun and salt water. If I have the money, I’ll do some island hopping, but my money saving plan is to go on awesome hikes and chilling out on Oahu.

So yeah, beach & history.


6. stop: LOS ANGELES

6. stop: LOS ANGELES

I have only one full day in LA. I’ll have to use it wisely. I have therefore found a hostel in the middle of the Hollywood-area, so I’ll be able to check out Hollywood Blvd on my way there, haHA! (Sometimes the abnormally high level of my intelligence scares even me). Hope to see the Hollywood sign and some studios and that’s about it. I’ve heard LA is quite overrated, but I want to check it out for myself. I know I probably wont be able to do it justice in just 1,5 days, but I can always come back if I like it 🙂


7. stop: CHICAGO

7. stop: CHICAGO

I have a friend who, like me, loves to travel. I have never been in the States. In the past 1,5 years he’s been to Chicago, New York and (will have been to) Miami… Life is a competition, people. Chicago is on my list.
I want to see the river (even without the green), Willis Tower, that bean-thingy and Irish pubs (because everyone in Chicago is Irish :-P). I’ll get two days here before it’s back to New York for one full day and then my trip is over…

This is going to go by so fast, I have no illusions, but past travel experiences have taught me it’s gonna be totally awesome. (Please let me in, USA, I’m a nice person when you get to know me…)

Hope you’ll follow my travels, I’ll be bringing my camera and iPad so I hope to be able to update frequently 🙂 (That’s Norwegian for “I hope someone other than my mother will read”) 😛

Nomnomz in the Glades...

Nomnomz in the Glades…

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