China :: Zhangjiajie / Avatar Mountain

Keep the general goal in sight while tackling daily tasks.”
– Chinese Proverb

That’s what I was thinking the whole way down from where we started at Avatar National Park in Zhangjiajie (where the “Avatar” movie was filmed).

So, we took a train for 23,5 hours from Shanghai to Guangzhou, spent two days there in the heat, taking a river cruise and stuff (we had to go there because getting a train from Shanghai to Zhangjiajie was impossible unless we wanted to -stand for 20 hours- (no, thanks, Felicia). So we got ourselves to Guangzhou and after splurging on a nice hotel with a pool, we took another train for 13,5 hours to Zhangjiajie.

We saw a monkey with one arm, another monkey-mother attacked me by slapping both her front paws/hands on my left arm, another monkey jumped on my shoulders, stole our huge bottle of sunscreen and jumped back to his tree trying to open it so he could eat it… It didn’t work so he threw it away (I don’t know why I’m so sure it was a “he”… there was no visible dick…) We decided not to climb the fence and venture into their territory to get it back…

Anyway, I finally got to see Avatar Mountain, filming location for the famous James Cameron movie “Avatar” (2009). Those floating mountains you saw in the movie were also inspired by this place. Now, the park itself doesn’t look quite as spectacular as in the movie, but only morons expect that so luckily, I was not disappointed.

Tiril was sick the whole day before, but we managed to make it up into the park and then walked all the way back down. In the flood. It started raining so much we had to huddle in whatever shelter we could find along the way. #TingBuDong!





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