Macau :: One day is enough

“Macau: weirdest place ever.”
– Nathanael

I went to Macau just to cross it off my list, really. It’s an easy ferry ride from Hong Kong and you REALLY don’t need more than a few hours to get a feel for the place. A bonus is that the casinos/hotels have free shuttles that take you everywhere so you don’t pay for transport. I thought this was only to the major casinos so I was pleasantly surprised.

I was there for 8 hours, checked out two of the casinos, the old ruins of St. Paul’s which is just an outer wall and a bunch of Chinese tourists took several selfies with me. I basically walked about, navigated the throngs of humans and ate Macau Po Egg Tart, a famous Portuguese style egg tart pastry. Nomminom.

The most action filled thing that happened was missing my ferry back to Hong Kong because I assumed my #FOMO had made me book the last one home at 6.45pm – I had in fact booked the ferry which left Macau at 3.45pm, which I discovered at 3.30pm… So yeah… No worries though, I just booked another ferry back, it’s only about an hour’s ride and not too expensive.

Macau was uneventful and not really the most interesting place I’ve visited. It’s over the top as all hell in places and has a fun mix of Portuguese and Asian history. All in all I’m sort of glad I’ve seen it, but don’t cry if you miss it 😉

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