Dubai :: Dinner in the Sky

“Ya’ll know that ferris wheel ain’t whole, right?”
– Yolonda

Another Bucket List item!
Basically, you sign up for lunch, tea break or dinner, pay them beforehand and show up 30 minutes before table setting. Then they give a safety briefing, strap you in a chair (that can swivel and dip!) and hoist the whole platform (table, chairs, everything) 50 meters up in the air. After this you casually proceed having a meal with a view as the platform turns slowly to give everyone a chance to see everything. Also: stompin’ beats all the time! #WOOP

The dinner came with a magic show and a selection of meals, but I opted for the smaller “Tea Break” because I wanted to enjoy the view in daylight and I wanted to see the sunset. (As an added bonus, doing this while there’s daylight let us see the skydivers landing right next to our platform area, so we kinda got a free show). I went in alone, hoping I would meet people and make friends with them enough to talk to. It’s my usual M.O. travelling alone, I find there’s always someone you can chat to.

“Let’s take a safe-selfie.”
“What’s a safe-selfie?”
“A selfie to celebrate we’re back down on the ground safely.”

One hour later I had exchanged e-mails with 7 fabulous girls from the US discussing travel plans and promising to stay in touch. Precious, who sat next to me, was afraid of heights (and not happy that the table was slightly uneven), but had managed to skydive the day before and now this. I told her “I don’t know you very well, but I’m hella proud of you” (this is where the thumbs up emoji should go, stupid WordPress).

Anyway, I can recommend this to the fullest (at least in Dubai), the food was excellent, the staff professional and funny and the music was the good sh*t! I have so many videos of us rockin’ it up in the aiiir ;-D

Dinner in the Sky is a concept in over 45 countries in the world, so you should be able to find one. They also have Santa, Marriage, Lounge and Showbiz in the Sky. I’m TOTALLY getting married in the sky!

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