HAWAII :: Anna & BeckY do a road trip

“Stitches get Bitches, Snitches!”
– AnnA & BeckY

Anne & Becca (the originals) aka AnnA & Becky (the fun crazies) aka Beck and Ann (the Gatekeepers) aka Ringo the Psycho and Sarah who tells you where to go.

We got up to some stuff.

Sometimes you meet people you just gel with 100 % from the get go. Becca is one of these people for me and what made it extra special is we gelled completely for the whole week she was there.

Becca wanted to see more of the island and suggested renting a car. She had an American license so she got the car, I got the gas and we had the most amazing day driving literally around the whole island, starting and stopping in Honolulu. (Not literally though, cause the highway takes off down the middle, so I don’t know why I wrote that).

ANYWAY! If you follow the Kamehameha Highway (named for King Kamehameha the Great, who conquered and unified all the Hawaiian islands in the late 18th and early 19th centuries) you can get around almost all of the island pretty easily. It follows the coast from Honolulu to, if you’re heading south-east, the town of Haleiwa where it takes a dip back down towards Pearl Harbour.

Kamehameha Highway

Kamehameha Highway

The weather was cloudy on our trip so we didn’t get the most awesome pics of bright sunshine spilling onto the intense blue ocean, it even started raining quite a bit, but our spirits weren’t dampened. If anything we were certain to see the famous rainbows with weather like this. (There’s a reason all the license plates have a rainbow on them, really, it gets pretty insane). Driving past Kualoa with the fab views of the mountains, we also stopped by the Polynesian center and checked out the shops and some of the displays, but opted out of a guided tour as we felt it would take way too much of our time and we were more into the scenics today.

We managed to blow by (PUUUUN!!!) the Halona Blowhole Lookout, but saw the surroundings (including Rabbit Island and the bird sanctuary) from Kaupo Bay. We drove past Waimanalo Beach and made a stop at beautiful Lanikai Beach (they’re all beautiful tho, so what am I talking about) where I made the mandatory writings in the sand…

We stopped by Fumi’s Kahuku Shrimp on the road side because Becca had read about them (I think) for some of the best shrimp I ever ate, seriously… I miss this place… I mean, I’m hungry while I’m writing this right now, but I really remember this as a superb meal even without hunger compelling me.

Waimea Bay and Sunset Beach in the North Shore were the last stops before we headed back south at Haleiwa. This was were we got severely stuck in traffic with the rain really pounding down. It was still great though, we just shot the sh*t and laughed the whole way. When the rain finally let up the sun was setting brilliantly and the rainbows came out in full – we even saw really clear double rainbows… Aaaand it took us the longest time ever to get back to the car rental place because of traffic… Best of both worlds or something..?

We had a meal at our new favourite restaurant in Honolulu: The Barefoot Beach Cafe (“Aloha in every bite” guys!) where we opted for massive pineapple juice drinks and whatever was on the menu cause it’s all amazing, before ending the evening on Waikiki Beach summing up our personalities, alter egos and how cool we were 😉

I miss you, Becca ❤



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