Australia :: Philly, Amrita, Cecilie & Calvin

“Sydney.” – Jack London


Sydney was like a massive meet up point for me. The place I met the most old and new friends again.

I had thought to go there anyway to see Cecilie who I moved to Australia like 8 years ago (or something), then I met Philly and Amrita in Tanzania so quickly decided I had to go see them when I got there, and THEN Calvin, the guy who worked at the hostel I stayed at in Singapore and hung out with contacted me and was like “what’s up? I’m in Sydney too!” So there I was, enjoying a week full of catching up, in addition to seeing the opera house and driving the Sydney version of the Great Ocean Road… It was called… uhm… Grand Pacific Drive!

It’s no secret that I love road trips, evenings with friends, wine and chat and meeting up with old friends and aquaintances and I got all of that n Sydney. Philly let me stay a whole week on her couch, had an ample supply of wine and Amrita came to stay.

I even got to check the ferry thingy they have in Sydney going to Cecilie a couple of evenings. I walked to the ferry point (thank you, Google Maps, again!) and met her coming home from work. We spent the evening just talking, I met her “new” beau, Grant (not so new, but I haven’t seen her for years, cut us some slack). It was pretty perfect for me considering I was really tired and on a bit of a low energy level wise at this point in my trip. I was getting increasingly tired at this point, really… I think travel also becomes routine after a while and you just get drained.

At least Sydney helped against the occasional bout of loneliness I had travelling alone.

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