Australia :: Perth

Don’t worry about the world coming to an end today. It’s already tomorrow in Australia.
– Charles M. Schulz

This was actually one of the first things on my bucket list for this trip. I’ve had a Quokka as my profile picture because is is the animal version of me, and to get to them I had to get to Perth.

For many the only reason to visit the western side of Australia, Perth is situated down south on the coast. It is a lovely city to visit and I was lucky enough to have full sunshine and summer weather my entire week there. I stayed at Kangaroo Inn (no joke) in the business district, close to the Elizabeth Quay so I could easily get on a ferry to Rottnest Island.

At the Elizabeth Quay there is also at modern bell tower, (The Swan Bell Tower), a specially built 82.5-metre high copper and glass free standing tower that holds 18 bells, 12 of them are historic, coming from the St Martin-in-the-Fields church in Trafalgar Square, London.
I don’t know why this bell tower caught my attention as much as it did, especially since I never actually got inside the tower to see the bells… But the structure was really beautiful, I went to see it twice. Not just because I had to pass it to get to the ferry 😉

With an incredible stroke of serendipity my German friend, Juliet, that I met in Tanzania, sent me an e-mail saying she would be starting her turn as an au pair in Australia and she had caught wind I was going. She was going to Perth, any chance I would be there during my stay in Australia?

We met up twice again, that and my visit to Rottnest made my whole Perth stay extra lovely.

Perth was also were I decided to finally go to the hairdresser and cut off the most damaged parts of my hair and dye it a rad purple and red colour. Sort of a last hoorah before going home and getting a job that might requite being normal 😛

AND it’s where I bought my antique compass 😀 I found this quaint little shop in London Court that had old maps, compasses and globes. Plus various artifacts and paintings. My kind of shop and it decreased my budget a bit before I left Perth. At least I waited two days before I went back and got the compass, so I knew I -really- wanted it. Still don’t regret it, it’s now one of my favourite posessions ❤


St. George’s Cathedral in Perth

St. George’s Cathedral in Perth has an art installation outside it called “Ascalon” (the word Ascalon comes from Ashkelon, a coastal city in Israel). It was made by Marcus Canning & Christian de Vietri and unveiled in 2009.

(List of art installations in WA)

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