Indonesia :: Bali

I’d have to say Bali is my favourite place I’ve ever visited.
– Christopher Meloni

I don’t agree with Christopher. I thought I would, that’s why I booked two weeks there to just “relax in paradise”, see the rice fields and temple some more while I shopped for souvenirs… I was done with all that after a week.

In Bali’s defence I was almost exhausted when I got there and had to force myself to go see things. Yeah, getting tired of seeing new things is actually a thing and it caught up with me big time in Bali. But even without that, Bali was not my fav place in Indonesia (cause that was Komodo/Labuan Bajo, my next stop).

Anyway, good things about Ubud and the surroundings is the people are super friendly. This is the same all over Indonesia, whether in Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Bali, Komodo – they’re all super chill, friendly and nice. Very few vendors tried to hustle me and no one was nasty or too pushy. Also, in Bali you see a lot of vibrance which is something I love. I’m not the type of person who needs a vacation away from people in “the most “authentic” and remote, isolated areas of this earth” – I need people and stuff to happen. I also need to get away from pretentious travellers who big themselves up way too much because they’ve seen a hidden beach “not even on Google Maps” (Like, wow, Patricia, really? You’re -so- cool) 😛

Ok, now I just sound bitter, but trust me. You’d be sick of these two dimentional wannabes too.

So anyway! I went some places, ate some food, took some pictures, paid a dude to hold a snake and was generally polite and friendly to everyone around me and got the same in return. It didn’t suck at all, it was pleasant. It just wasn’t my favourite and I found Bali to be a bit too hyped up for my taste. The coffee plantation tour was really fun though, props to that one 🙂


Gunung Kawi & The Holy Springs of TIRTA EMPUL: Bali’s Sacred Pool of Purification

Goa Gajah

Segara Windhu Coffee Plantation


Mount Batur and Tegalalang Rice Fields

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