Thailand :: Last of Thailand with Øyvind

AK: “Why do you have to CONTOUR your face? WIth shadows and highlights and sh*t? Your face IS THREE-DIMENTIONAL!”
Øyvind: “Yeah, but if your personality is -two-dimentional-…

I dragged Øyvind with me to Krabi and then made him jump off the deep end and join me in Kuala Lumpur. Now I’m his parents’ favourite child. Too bad for their two sons, but hey…

We had fun, I saw the Patronas Towers again and Øyvind is now the only friend I have who’s lived at The Bed KLCC with me AND gone with me to the movies at KLCC. We saw Hobbs and Shaw which was an awesome movie except for the last third part that (and I’m gonna quote Honest Trailers here) “was only in the movie because The Rock wanted to go to Samoa.”
That sentence is so true it’s painful.

Highlights include:

  • Nostromo, the monitor lizard that lived in the pond at our resort in Krabi (we named him/her)
  • The Shopping Mall with the snail goo they sold as beauty products (not really a highlight)
  • Dinner at The Last Fisherman Bar
  • Going back to The Bed KLCC
  • Hobbs & Shaw (2/3s of it)
  • SMSing with Øyvind’s dad making sure I inherit all their wordly goods in the future
  • Drinks at Healy Mac’s, Jalan P Ramlee
  • Ice Creeeeaaaaammmmm

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