Germany :: Schützenfest in Siddinghausen

“You are wormly welcome, Annie!”
– Domi

I was invited to my friends’ Domi and Juli’s to spend a weekend and bear witness to the cultural phenomenon called “Schützenfest”. I think this might have been my most cultural experience in my travels so far…

Dominik shot a wooden bird down and therefore he became King of Schützenfest this year. That makes Juli his Queen and that’s too good of a chance to see something weird and funny and local so I became their guest.

The chance to see Domi, Juli (& Manuel) again not withstanding, Schützenfest itself turned out to be pretty cool. I was in Siddinghausen for two days, got drunk the first night and that was Domi and Pauline’s fault… There was some Tequila… and some Obstler… And something in a bowl, just called “Bowl”, I think… And beer and wine and Radler… Yeah. Schützenfest.

“Saufen bis der Arzt kommt”

There’s a lot of marching band music, uniforms, galla dresses and general cheerfulness going on during Schützenfest, but the best part has to be the playlist. They played all the greatest hits between 1985 – 1995 the first night. At one point they even added “Moskau” by “Djngs Khan” (Germany’s Eurovision contribution from 1979(!)) and I totally lost it. It was epic ❤

I also heard this tune a lot… A lot.

Thanks to Manuel for explaining this one to me… I simultaneously facepalm and laugh when I hear this.

Got a chance to meet up again with Manuel on day 2 and met his girlfriend, Luisa. They’re King and Queen in their own respective village so it looks like a Schützenfest #2 is in the cards for me… I’ll have to catch a plane, train and bus to another “something-hausen” for that one. Might be worth it though… Twice is tradition 😉

Also, if you ever find yourself at Schützenfest – learn the lyrics to this one, then at least you’ll be able to sing along to one crazy song…

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