Italy :: Milan – La Familia Rides Again

“Ah, it’s good to get away from home… You know, TRAVEL a bit… I bet you feel this way too…”
– Andreas

Teh Kollektiv [SIC] usually take a trip together once a year for a weekend. We take turns deciding where to go and it’s always the greatest of fun ❤ For obvious reasons we weren’t able to do this last year and we put the trips on hold for a while because of my trip, but when I realized I would be back in Europe for May I contacted La Familia and Andreas got to planning where to go (as it was his turn).

We ended up in Milan, hanging out for two days and just enjoying being together. What I remember most is laughing, being happy, seeing a shit ton of cats, visiting the Leonardo da Vinci Museum of Science and eating lots of ice cream. I also remember Barbro telling us how Marie used to write stuff the way she said it, so she spelled “bird” without the “i”… Brd. BRD!

“Wiiiiild BRD flyiiiiiiing!”

I still can’t believe how fast time flew this weekend. They guys met me at our hotel, we hugged for about two hours, had some food and then we said goodbye at the train station. I cried when they left… See you in another 1,5 years, guys ❤

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