Japan :: Nagoya Castle

“Nagoya? I heard about Nagoya, saw it on the map, I just didn’t think anyone actually got off the train there…” – Nathanael

I did a short pitstop in Nagoya just because I had time, and completely mis-calculated so my Japan Rail Pass expired while I was there… Moronic, but fortunately not fatal. Not even to my budget.

I had two nights in Nagoya and to be honest, one is more than enough. It’s a small place, not particularly special for anything and completely missable if you don’t have an abundance of time and a need to relax a bit. I did, however, have the need to relax a bit, so I spent one day checking out the castle and the other 1,5 days just chilling at the hotel. I did eat a very nice steak at a local barbeque place though. I’d recommend that one. It was like straight across the road from the main railway station too, so handy *lol*

The castle in Nagoya looked a bit like the castle in Osaka and the one in Hiroshima (I BET THEY HAD THE SAME ARCHITECT OMG!!!1) it’s typically much the same style, but the surrounding area was a bit different. Osaka and Hiroshima were surrounded by large parks, and Nagoya, while you could say it was a large park, per se, it was a little more like actual ancient castle grounds… An absolutely lovely place to wander around and enjoy scenery. I was also greeted by an elderly Japanese man who was convinced I was from America and kept asking where in America “Norway” was… Then he proceeded to show me where to enter in to the castle (despite the fact that I had already entered the gate and was well on my way towards the castle). He was super sweet.
The castle grounds are also home to Honmaru Palace – the old palace buildings where the feudal lords use to live. (Besides serving as the residence of the lord, the palace functioned as the administrative center of the feudal government). It was an interesting experience walking through the houses, now completely restored to their old selves. You really get a feel for the older days, which is what I always search for when visiting places like this. I almost didn’t go in actually, being pretty exhausted after walking the whole day (first to get to the castle, then through the castle all the way to the top and down again), but my #FOMO won out again and I went in. This time, I’m happy I did.

Nagoya also has a Toyota museum for the exceptionally car interested… I thought about going. Then I fell asleep. Life is hard.

One thought on “Japan :: Nagoya Castle

  1. Kerry T says:

    Hey Anne-we crossed paths in Mozambique on a Nomad safari truck. Kerry from Oz here ( the OH SHIT card player!!. Found yr card U gave me & figured i should check out yr website n say gidday (OMG its only been over a year ago!). Yr really trotting around that globe! Look me up if u come to Oz-always welcome. Enjoy yr freedom- its a rare gift. Do u need a reason to travel?? Exploring the planet is reason enough. Search for adventure and one will always find u!! Cheers K

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