Singapore :: A spewing lion, light shows & a German-made museum with beer

“That light is brighter than my future!”
– Mangala

The bus from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore takes about 5-6 hours and the buses are really good. Like, REALLY good. The one I took cost me $47 for a round trip (KL – Singapore – KL) and it had wifi, a decent driver, good seats and three stops for toilet breaks/food.

I spent two days in Singapore and really enjoyed myself. First thing I did was meet a dude from America and a dude from Australia. The American guy said “Anna!” to another person standing behind me, I thought he said “Annie!” and I stared at him trying to figure out where I’d met him. Naturally, he lamented the fact that I “didn’t remember him” and the Aussie guy informed him he obviously didn’t make a big enough impression in the sack. We got to talking. It was fun.

After that, I walked around Singapore for two days taking awesome pictures and checking off bucket list items like the Gardens by the Bay, the Merlion and Marina Bay Sands. I randomly passed by a version of Rodin’s “The Thinker” – like what the hell is that doing outside a hotel in Singapore? While walking to Gardens by the Bay I stumbled across the Red Dot Design Museum. Naturally I went in there to see what this was. This museum showcases new inventions in technology and design that help make life easier for everyone and/or is better for the environment. This museum originated in Germany, so of course it had a bar 😛

At the hostel (Port @ Quay, I recommend!) I experienced lying in my bed hearing two Germans meet in my dorm, speaking English to each other before the girl asked “Are you German?” and the guy said “Yeah” and they both exploded into a hilarious cacophony of German conversation. I didn’t understand much, but I lolled at the intensity of the sudden “kindred German spirit”-language exchange. My final night was spent going out for beers at the Korean pub with Calvin (the receptionist at the hostel I stayed) and Mangala (another guest).

Also, Calvin completely lost it because of this meme. It is now an ingrained memory of Singapore for me. Like the waterspewing Merlion, my favourite statue in Singapore.

Watch me neigh neigh

Watch me neigh neigh

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