Tanzania :: Serengeti & checking leopard off my list

“I would still like Usher… If he didn’t have herpes”
– Amrita

I made an awesome video with the only song possible to use when making a video of Tanzania: Toto’s Africa.
Of course, Toto’s Africa is on the list of music you may use according to YouTube, but that doesn’t stop trusty, old YouTube from banning your video in -268- countries (well done, YouTube, we only have 190-206, depending on who you ask, you tard), but I found a dude covering the song really close to the original so with an additional few hours of editing I finally manage to bestow my masterpiece upon the world!

Apart from that this is going to be the shortest blog ever, with regards to word count (which should make all my prospective readers rejoice), suffice to say I finally saw a leopard so I can now say I’ve seen all the big five in the wild.

I don’t really have any mindblowing advice to give people who want to see the Serengeti because I hooked up with Acacia Tours in Stone Town and travelled overland to Serengeti from there. If you’re not a part of a bigger tour you can travel to Arusha (Tanzania) and book a tour of just Serengeti from there. What I can say is that you should absolutely go see it, it’s been a highlight of my Africa-travels. You can also easily spend three days there, no problem, that’s what we did and I was never bored. I’ll let the pictures speak for me 🙂



The camel’s ass, MY FIRST LEOPARD!!, 6000 elephants and “what the hell was that sound?!1”



Leopard #2, Cheetah, Serval Cat, Crocodiles and a huge guinea pig thing that’s related to elephants… wtf…



No rhinos, but Omg! Landscape! (and a metric ton of other animals)

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