Summary :: Barcelona

I’d love to be popular in Barcelona. That sounds like a fun job.
Bobby Heenan

YEAR: 2013
DURATION: 3 days
INFO: Everybody get up! And walk! A lot! For my birthday this year, my room-mate gave me (and herself) a long weekend in Barcelona. We left early morning Friday and came home past midnight Sunday (so technically, I guess it was Monday).
FAVOURITE PLACE: I didn’t stay in Barcelona long enough to find a favourite spot, but I really loved the narrow side streets (yeah, I know, stop harping on about them). The little shops, cafes and restaurants… it was lovely.
I RECOMMEND DOING: If you’re only doing one thing in Barcelona, I would recommend you walk down the narrow side streets for a good long while and find a little tapas restaurant a bit off the beaten track (as off as you can get in a city like Barcelona). Order a bunch of small dishes and enjoy. If you want to see just one thing: La Sagrada Familia
FAVOURITE CHEESY SOUVENIR: Got my shot glass, I collect them and needed one from Barcelona too. One decorated Gaudi style seemed appropriate.

Oppa Gaudi Style!

Oppa Gaudi Style!

Also: here’s a picture of my “completely unnecessary souvenir”, the thing I just fell for. Newspaper-print, people… It’s the good sh*t.

This is the first time I've ever done the good old "bought a bigger bag for the way home"...

This is the first time I’ve ever done the good old “bought a bigger bag for the way home”…

I had heard Barcelona was usually hot in August, but I needn’t have worried, late August (this year) was perfect. I wore a light summer dress while I was there and managed to obtain my usual summer colour: “Norwegian Salmon” 😛 We had great weather every day and the contrast between concrete city and lush parks and palm trees kept the city fresh.



We managed to squeeze in half a day at the beach. Even though the sun was trying to fight off some clouds by the time we got there, it was heaven (at least for me, I think the shrink would’ve liked it a little more “oven hot”, but hey, I’m the most important person on this trip, so who cares). I read my book, Dr. Birdsong got a massage and life was good.

In the background you can see the "sail", a hotel my colleague is adamant was worth a visit.

In the background you can see the “sail”, a hotel my colleague is adamant was worth a visit.

Walking from the beach (on my, yet again, increasingly suicidal feet we passed by this piece of art, a bunch of these guys stuck in a huge “prison cage” – I was fascinated. I later found out: “During the Olympic Games of 1992 one of the most attractive projects of the time was a permanent exhibition of eight Sculptures and Installations through the old and renewed neighbourhoods of Barceloneta, Borne and Rivera called as a whole “Urban Configurations”.” Couldn’t find any other place to put the picture, but I had to share it, so here you are…

Juan Munoz - A Room Where It Always Rains

Juan Munoz – A Room Where It Always Rains

I’ll finish off with one of my fondest memories of this trip. A delicious dinner at Lonja de Tapas where we were treated to excellent food and waiters with a sense of humour. I love that. Thank you, Dr. Birdsong, for this perfect birthday present 🙂

It was exactly as good as it looks

It was exactly as good as it looks

4 thoughts on “Summary :: Barcelona

  1. Sherry Viray says:

    Ah, my favorite city in all of Europe! It’s not for any one thing in particular. But rather it’s is for the way it makes me feel. And I always feel good in Barcelona. Love your cheesy souvenir – I’d buy it.

    • Bakoyma says:

      Haha, thanks! I always get a cheesy souvenir – it’s thing now… Allthough I’m trying to declutter, so I should probably try to make do with pictures ^_^ I loved Barcelona too, very nice place, not boring, not stressful.

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