The Life in Dublin

Mush-a ring dum-a do dum-a da
Wack fall the daddy-o, wack fall the daddy-o
There’s whiskey in the jar

Our last, full day in Dublin started out special. We met an old aquaintance of mine, Lorraine, for breakfast at Bewley’s.

Lorraine and I at Bewley's

Lorraine and I at Bewley’s

I met Lorraine in New Zealand on two separate occasions, completely at random and liked her right from the start. We kept in touch on and off on Facebook ever since, so it was great to finally be able to catch up face-to-face! My mum even joined in the conversation, despite her misgivings about her English skills (she did just fine, no worries there).
The best thing about travelling, for me, is meeting people. Connecting with people and hearing their stories is a true gift, and with the introduction of internet and social media I can now keep in touch with them as well. It’s a true joy to me, I love it. Continue reading