Australia :: Rottnest Island

“Guys! Guysguysguys! I got a SELFIE! With a QUOKKA!” – Me The animal version of me. Weird-ass, cuddly-looking idiots, rummaging for food and grinning stupidly. I saw the “Quokka selfie”-trend years ago, starting with Allan Dixon, spreading to everywhere. I knew it instantly. This was my goal in life.

America (North)

THE GREAT USA TOUR (2015) New York New York: Every cop show is a documentary New York: 9/11 Memorial & Ground Zero New York: Grand Central Station New York: St. Patrick’s Cathedral New York: Central Park Washington DC Washington D.C. – So fresh, so clean Miami Miami: Lights, camera, chillout… Miami: The Everglades and the Gatorades … Continue reading America (North)